Console not generating output

I’m a complete newbie here and have no understanding of how to adequately describe this but I’m taking beginner classes using Python Turtle. The day I started the class everything worked as the instruction described; however, today and multiple attempts now, my output screen stays white but shows it’s redrawing (refreshing or something of that nature) when I hit run on my program.

As I understand, I can share the url to my program for an example.

Here are a few:

The outputs today are all the same, just a white output screen with nothing in it.

I’ve tried using this in Windows on Edge and Mac on Edge and Safari to the same result.

Hi, @josephthiessen!

This doesn’t seem to be an issue with your code. I’m assuming you’re trying to run, but Replit is configured to automatically run You can configure the .replit to automatically run, but for your case, it would be better to run your Python through the shell, or make a Repl per project you are working on.

Running Through Shell

You need to be in the Shell tab for this to work.

(To run, you would type python

Configure .replit

If showing hidden files is not enabled, you will need to enable it by pressing the 3 dots in your explorer tab and showing hidden files.

Find .replit in your explorer and change the entrypoint = "" to entrypoint = "".

I hope this fixes your problem!


I have no clue how any of this would solve my issue. I’m just trying to learn basic Python, not program replit.

Is this the point of learning basic coding, have the tool break upon the second time a newbie comes into the space and force them to fix it?

Sorry, this is my plight with coding. There’s always something you have to “learn to do” in order for things to work. This explains why many programmable things are broken in my world.

A very small piece of information given is that is what the Run command activates. The other files are copies of my practice files which originally were run in

Helpful knowledge I had forgotten.

Sorry to complain but it wasn’t clear to me.

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Try switching internet networks, does that allow you to see the output? Also, does the code in produce output?

all it does is change the file your project runs

lol, you’re not? you’re just configuring your project. maybe someone should make an extension so this is easier for new users

nothing broke, though?

as the comment on line one of the .replit file says, the run command doesn’t do anything if the interpreter field is set. you’d have to change the entrypoint

anyway, if your issue is solved, please mark the post that helped you most as the solution


I’m just trying to provide you with solutions. Like I said, to avoid confusion you should probably make a new Repl per project you start. Sorry if I came off as confusing, it is annoying to have to configure such a thing, but its basically the same deal as creating a project locally.

Totally agree with this, might make a feature request later, so someone could program one or Replit could implement it themselves.


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