Console not capturing all output

I’ve already submitted a bug through the Repl interface but I wanted to make other educators aware (if they aren’t already).

If you are teaching HTML with JavaScript, the console window in Replit seems to only capture the errors and output from index.html. If your students have a larger project with multiple HTML files, it doesn’t seem (in my limited testing) that the errors or output is captured in that inset console panel inside a Repl. Students will need to open the developer tools of their browser - which can be a bit daunting for a 14-year-old beginner on a Chromebook or iPad.

Of course, I may be wrong or this issue might be in a specific use-case, but I had a heck of a day yesterday with lots of confused students before my brain kicked-in and I opened the dev console.


I made a quick video of what I mean with this issue: Replit Console Output Issue - YouTube

So this is still an issue, as far as I can tell…
I guess this is a bump. @lena - have you heard anything in terms of this particular issue?