Console not available

I’m new here, I’m unable to find the console in the tools, I opened a new tab and wanted to select the console from the tools menu and couldn’t find it anywhere, the shell is there

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Welcome to the community, @Metallmad! Are you using JS by any chance?

It depends on what you’re using but at least with my experience using C+ and python once you run your code it will open up. I don’t know if you’re able to get to it without running it first

yes I do, I’ve forked a JS project and couldn’t find the console in tools menu, however if I create a new project with any other language other than JS like Python the console is there

the issue is only with JS, I’ve tried it with Python and it’s there

So basically in the top right of the webview do you see the wrench icon? Click that and you should see the console. :smiley:

thanks a lot, so basically for JS the console is only available in the browser, it makes sense!


Glad I could help! :smiley:

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