Console.log not working

Hello I am using replit to practice some code and I am unable to get the console to reflect my JS. I am trying to get the response in the console. It says to hit control-c but when i do that it does nothing. I tried using the html,css,js format and the snake one. All it does is just load and give me the control c command

Current behavior:
hit control c to enter replit but does not work
non stop loading
Desired behavior
be able to console.log my js code and get response in console

Repl link:

code snippet

Hi @Gabemel , welcome to tje forums!
The reason is that your function, greet() is not called. The message won’t show since greet() was never mentioned anywhere else.
Here’s how you can fix it:

function greet() {
  console.log ('hellow')
greet() // We call the function here

Hope this helps!