Console Issues and URL Issues

I am working on a Replit that is deployed so should have no issues with the new Replit Update, but ever since the changes were implemented site wide I’ve been having issues with the project. First, I am using Express.js to create some URLs ( I am aware they changed from to, I was able to fix that) and since the update only one of my URLs actually works in the browser. They all still work in the Webview feature but if I open them in my browser I get the error cannot GET /page_name. Luckily enough, the URL I am working most on right now is the only one still working so I can still work on it, but I’d like to get this figured out so I can eventually move on to work on those other things in the different URLs.

Another issue I’ve noticed is the console is not logging properly – I have in the code for certain things to be logged when the endpoint (the one that is still working) is hit, but when I try to run test API calls they are not logging anything. I know that values are being returned (via Postman tests as well as if I log the response within the test API function I get values in the console) but within my code the logs never come through like it’s not going through the express.js URL anymore. BUT I know it is going through because it’s giving me the expected values.

example code (very much simplified but just to give an idea) – app.get is the express library and is a function in a different file that is exported and imported using Node.js.

app.get("/page_name", function(req, res) => { =>{

So I made a test function that hits the endpoint above meaning that when I hit that endpoint /page_name, that console.log(el) should give me the response but it never comes through. I’ve even tried to do logging within the original function foo(params) in the file and that does not come through either.

I guess I’m confused because even though it is clearly hitting the endpoint correctly, receiving the correct response initiated by the foo function, it seems like the logs are never coming through. I will note that before this issue popped up, it would even log requests if I loaded the URL in the browser and it is not doing that anymore UNLESS I load the URL from Webview.

Lastly, for other reasons I already had a file-system function to write the response to a CSV but ever since the updates it will not write the responses to the CSV either. Basically it seems like the code works but certain things are being ‘skipped’?

Do you think I need to re-deploy? I unfortunately am not the owner of the project just an editor. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Your deployment doesn’t share the same file system with your Repl, and changes it makes aren’t persistent in the deployed environment either.

Hey @Firepup650 I’m not sure I follow, but even so do you have an explanation on why the logs are also not running? Or why some of my other URLs are not working outside of webview?

Are you checking the normal Repl logs (dev) or the deployment logs?

Not sure here, would likely need to take a look at your code. First guess is, have you re-deployed after you made changes?

Unfortunately I am not the owner so I can’t see the deployment logs and I don’t believe we’ve deployed since the change – I am going to get in touch with the owner to test that out and see if that fixes anything. Thanks.