Console is showing the output of my previous file.. the code of new file is not running


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Hi @Anjalisharma61 , welcome to the community! For your problem, could you provide more details on the issue that you are facing, with a screenshot? Thanks.

We are facing the same issues. If any changes made in the code are not being saved, its executing the previous code.

Hi, I assume the repl you wanna get help from is this repl, that you wanna run instead of

You have 2 solutions, first, rename/remove, and then rename to
This is because is the default entrypoint(file that runs when you hit the green run button)
Therefore you can also change the entrypoint instead
Click the three dots on the top right corner of the files, and click “show hidden file” like the pic below

You should see a few more files appears, open .replit and change line 6 from entrypoint = “” to entrypoint = “”

Hope this help, next time provide the direct link to the repl but not the link to your replit profile, and provide more informations in the description not all stacked in the title, thanks

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I think this is lag latency. Basically, what I’m inferring from the situation is that you’re running a file and then you try to run it again and instead of terminating, clearing the screen, and running again it just stalls? That’s probably just lag. Otherwise, please explain

Hey @Anjalisharma61!

Can you please send me the link to the Repl that you are having issues with?