Console is not giving output of the edited code

when i edit some code (hello world) on file the code runs smoothly and the console is showing the output, but when i create a new file and i edit some code in this new file and tries to run the console it is giving the output of the previous file ( eventually it is showing only the output of file. Im a beginner and im just getting start with replit.

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Hi @PriyeshSingh7 , welcome to the forums!
Only code in the file will run. If you want to run other files, enter import <filename> in the file. Note that you’ll have to change <filename> to the name of your file.
Hope this helps!
@PriyeshSingh7 E.g. import newprog


However, there is a way to change which file to run.


Change entrypoint = "" to entrypoint = "<filename>.py". Note that you’ll have to change ‘’ to the name of your file.
Hope this helps!

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thanx for the reply pal, but im still not getting it, can you send me a video or tutorial or somethin like that in which i can actually see what to do exactly. As i told you im new here so can you plz coperate a lil bit more further.

i hope you understand.

You can take a look at this video I made:
Just click on it to watch it.

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@PriyeshSingh7 Do you understand it? If you need further help, feel free to ask.

@PriyeshSingh7 Can you try doing this:
import week-1/second?

all right leme try this

Well, You can rename the folder to week_1 then do:

from week_1 import second
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import sys
sys.path.append("week 1")
import second

@PriyeshSingh7 I moved your topic from Code Help to Python

got it buddy, thank you vey much. Replit got an amazing helping peer group. :grinning:

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Well i dont have any idea about topics , i just posted the query anyhow.

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