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Good day. I am in the 100 Days of Code, Python tutorial. It worked great for the first 15ish days. But now when I try to use the Run button…the program doesn’t run. All the Console does is spin and nothing gets kicked into the interret section. It does this in both the web application and on the stand alone App. If I wait a day and start again, it runs maybe once if lucky. Thank you.
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Browser/OS/Device: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

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I’ve been getting the same issue!

the main cause of this issue is the use of any sort of exit() in your code.
If it is used, it probably confuses the old interpreter configuration that is present on old repls like 100 Days, causing the repl to stay on Working… on the next run.

Run kill 1 in the Shell to restart, then avoid using exit() in your code.

Alternatively, use this Shell command (made by a trusted community member) to update your repl to newer configuration, which also fixes the issue.

curl -s|bash -s

(This problem is still a valid bug that needs to get fixed.)


As a note, if your Repl uses a non-standard main file (not, or has any packages installed, you’ll need to change the file/install the packages you need after running my script.


Perhaps you should update your script to fix these issues.

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Doing that is going to be annoying, as currently I just pipe the new content into the existing files, and in order to do that I’d need to sed out ~90% of the .replit file, and change multiple lines in the pyproject.toml.

I’ll try to remember to make the script let you know that you’ll need to make some config tweaks after it finishes later.

Also, I could probably back up the old files for safety, so you could maybe reuse some older config (Which packages you need)

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Would it be possible to, for the packages, copy just the [tool.poetry.dependencies] (then of course install), and for the entrypoint, read it beforehand?

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Unfortunately, no. For the dependencies, python is in there, and I have to change that. For entrypoint, you theoretically might not even have one.

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It seems that both cases are fixable. python can be manually changed afterwards.
And the run command (if interpreter does not exist) would be the next thing to try instead after entrypoint. (This problem is more of an edge case.)

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Poetry will refuse to operate until it is changed, so it’s better for the script to just change it to the correct version.

I feel like that’d be a lot more work than it seems. The entire script is done in bash after all.

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