Console doesn't show logs

My program runs successfully, but the Console doesn’t show any logs after the initial launch and test message logs.

Expected behavior: Display the various message-handling logs in my code.

Actual behavior: Console shows initial “start” logs (including initial test message), but then no activity after that, even tho my Slack bot program is successfully processing messages and should be triggering console logs in my code.

Repl link

See repo (public). The code is an index.js file for a Slack bot that is currently running successfully on my Slack workspace. I just can’t see any runtime logs in the Console after the initial launch and test logs.

Thank you anyone who can help!

Ok I just figured out that console.log()'s after launch are in the Deployment Logs tab. Problem solved.

Would love to know more about this. Good topic for Replit Documentation?

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You can view this page of the Replit documentation for more information.

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