Console does not have a prompt


I just started using, I created a python hello world project. The “>_ Console” tab appears to just display the output of what is run by the “Run” button. There is no command prompt that would allow me to type in Python code. Even in the intro video, there is a command prompt.

Has this changed? How do I get a python command prompt console? I see that I can run “python” in the “Shell” tab, but isn’t there supposed to be a Console prompt?

The Console prompt was very recently changed. But even before that, typing python code directly into the console was removed (a feature of prybar).
So just use a Python Prybar template (run at least once to type in console), or use the shell.
I’d recommend just typing python into the shell (type exit() to exit the session).

Hi @michael221 , welcome to the forums!
This is a new feature that Replit has released.
In the Shell, you can type python -i to use the command line interpreter.
Like what NuclearPasta0 said, you can use the Python Prybar template, which does not have the Console updated yet, I think. If you’d like to use it, make a project with the Python (with Prybar) template.