Console can't load less than 30 lines of python (day 26 of 100 days of python solution attempt)

Problem description

Console cannot load, 11 minuets trying to load less than 30 lines, refreshing the webpage does not fix it.

Expected behavior

The console should display an error message or load the code that is present.

Actual behavior

I attempted to check my solution by running the code and the console is perpetually loading, 11 minuets trying to run 30 lines of code. Button at top center is stuck on “Working” with the circular progress bar, the button does not respond to being clicked.

Steps to reproduce

Go to copy it or fork it, it is again less than 30 lines total with spaces and comments. The unique actions, importing replit audio library, using a “while true” loop, and importing os to uses sleep(#).





Device if mobile



Free tier/ higher education class plan?

Fixed? could have been bad internet connection struggling to import the audio to load the code.

Few minuets after the original post accessed my day 26 from the post and after doing everything functioned as expected.

Hello, there is a bug where exit() causes the next run to be stuck.
Avoid using exit() in your program, instead let your program exit naturally (use break probably)


Thank you for your time, I will keep that in mind moving forward.

If you are stuck with the run button saying “working”, try entering kill 1 in the shell.


You should then be able to use the run button normally.

I wasn’t able to get your repl stuck “working…” but did manage to get my own day 26 repl stuck “working” as you’ve described, and then tried the kill 1 command which fixed it.