Console can't found project to run

Hi, i’m trying to learn C# with the website “OpenClassroom” and the website invite me to come on replit for make some exercice. When i click on “run” for control my code, the console say “dotnet run
Couldn’t find a project to run. Ensure a project exists in /home/runner/P1C21-bendixglook, or pass the path to the project using --project.
exit status 1”

I don’t know what i can do, the code looks correct, it’s the first exercice so no difficulty but the code dont want to run.

Thanks to you if you can help me. Have a good day

Hey welcome to ask.replit!

About your issue, you need to make sure that you have a valid C# project set up. Do you have the .csproj in the specified directory? It defines the C# project and its dependencies. Also since you got it from somewhere else, you should probably make sure the project is properly configured within the repl.

Well i dont know how to found this directory. I just click on the OpenClassroom link who show me teams folder and after that i click on the exercice.

I’m going to be busy at a party soon, so I if you have any more questions or concerns and I’m not here, try to get someone else to help you and hopefully they’ll be glad to help!

Double check the instructions to see if you missed anything, Like any other links or code snippets that it might have told you about. Chances are it’s probably important if it’s part of the instructions.

I have to go now but I hope that you find what you need, also looking on stackoverflow and other places on the internet might help you get solutions to how to solve the issue.

The instruction on the exercice ? It’s told me only what i’m suppose to do with the code (add a viriable and click on run button).
Thanks you for your help, i continue to search

Alright… i guess i found something, when i create a new ripl, in the folder i have the file main.csproj. I dont have it when i follow the link of Openclassroom. There is a way to have it automaticly or it is a defaut of the original file ?

Well now that you have main.csproj, try using the code then in main .cs, and see if it still gives a directory error. Usually when you make repls it automatically comes with the things needed to first initialize everything, I guess the link that you used didn’t have the needed files come with it.

the .csproj contains information about the project’s structure, dependencies, and build configurations, don’t run the code in that. Use the basic .cs file extension for your code to run.

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Thanks for your help. Now when i make an exercice i just copy paste the main.csproj in the exercice, rename some parameter and write in the .cs file. It work fine !

That’s great to hear! Remember in the future now that when using links like that, everything won’t always be given. And you should know now the importance of other files when running programs. I’m glad to have helped! :+1:

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