Console Being Extra Laggy

When there is a lot of prints to the console, it starts to lag super badly and tries to catch up in a slow and annoying way.

When printing to the console in quick succession, it’s not supposed to feel super laggy.

When printing to the console in quick succession, it becomes super slow, laggy, and unresponsive.

(Python Code)

while True:
    say = input("What do you want me to say: ")

I’ve been making a game here and it was never an issue. Now, it has become an issue. I’ve been able to replicate it with a lot of smaller pieces of code as shown above.

I’m using Opera GX and on Windows.

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Infinite loops cause your repl’s resources (RAM + CPU) to overflow, that’s why the console is laggy. Try to avoid using tons of print statements whenever possible

I never had this problem before. It always ran smoothly. I have the Repel boosted as well. I’ve been having this issue sometime recently. That’s what I’m trying to get at. I can do this on a local compiler or one on a different website and it works just fine. It struggles just here.

Same, similar issue, except its with this:

def printt(string, strDelay):
    for i in str(string + "\n"):
        print(i, end="", flush=True)
printt("Hello World!",userStrDelay)