Consecutive Days Visited?

Hey everyone!

Is there any way to tell how many consecutive days I have visited? I believe I am getting close to 100 days in a row visited but it would be nice to see how close I am.


No there is not. There are two close things though:

  1. An admin (and maybe moderators too) can tell you how many of the last 100 days you visited (but not if they’re consecutive)
  2. You can go into your user profile, click “Download Archive”, and one of the files inside the ZIP that you get will tell you every day you logged on (which you could then count one by one to see if they’re consecutive).

Sorry that there isn’t any real solution.


@CoderElijah thanks I need 7 more days to get to 100 consecutive days.

No unless an admin sets up a query. The closest thing is how many days in the past x days you visited. x is not being told because it is from the TL3 requirments


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