"Connection to Server" error in Output window using Python with Turtle REPL

When my students and I try to run our Turtle Graphics Repls, we sometimes get an error in the output window (not a coding error, but a “connection to server” error).
I understand that this has been an issue for the past several days, and now Replit status indicates that all systems are GO. However, we are still seeing these server errors. It is extremely frustrating to try and teach class like this. My students are using Chromebooks. My particulars are below.

Google Chrome Version 120.0.6099.216 (Official Build) (x86_64)
MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1
Macbook Air Retina/13-inch/2020

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@ErikAnderson2

Hi @ErikAnderson2 !
Try asking your school to unblock the repl.co and replit.dev domains. They are/were the domains controlling the Output, so unblocking it shpuld help.
Hope this helps!

same with me, same error. added the urls still the same.

@FawadAhmed @ErikAnderson2 It was suposed to be solved, so try this: