Connecting front-end with back-end

I’m a beginner programmer. Trying to create an chatbot with my own front-end design (JS) and then train GPT4 on my own data on the backend (Python).

How do I best join the front and back-end on Replit? Right now they are two different REPLs…


I’d recommend just copying your HTML, CSS, and JS files into your Python Repl.

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I would copy the html js and css files into your backend repl like this:

  • project folder
    • static
      • main.js
      • picture.png
      • styles.css
      • basically any file that isnt html
    • templates
      • index.html

There are also other ways to structure your files but I like this one as it is simple and makes it easy to handle the files.

If they are using flask, it should be static instead of public, and templates instead of views. (They said backend python)

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Good catch :+1: It’s fixed now.

Thanks! One problem with this approach is that it does not allow for a “webview” under the Tools setting so that I can see the front-end design. Do you all know a workaround for that?

Or do I need to move it all over AFTER I am done with my front end design on a separate repl?

Running a python flask repl that serves an html file should automatically make the webview come up.

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It should make the webview pop up. Make sure you used the flask template or are running on

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