Connect to existing metamask

Hi I just set up a solidity replit and am trying to connect to my existing metamask. However it only gives me an option to download and install metamask. I don’t think I want to download and install metamask again. Is there a way to connect a new replit to existing metamask? Thank you.

Hi @RalphPerrine1 thanks for your message and welcome to the community!

Can you please post a link to your Repl so the community can look and suggest ideas? If this isn’t possible because it would share some secret information please share screenshots of your issue you need help with. Thanks!


Yes, here is the link:
When it runs it shows a button to “install metamask” but no apparent way to connect. I already have metamask installed.

Screenshot from 2022-12-28 09-15-29
Also in case helpful here is a screenshot
thank you!

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Thanks @RalphPerrine1 this is really useful. Unfortunately I don’t have experience of using Metamask but have reached out to the Replit team to see if anyone can offer advice.

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Thank you - yeah I am guessing there may be a default setting that is supposed to check to see if MetaMask is installed already? Thank you for contacting the Replit team.