Confused what to do in this?

how to use publish thing in #100daysofcode

Welcome to the community, @analyticalBeu! When you are done with your day, ex. Day 1, you can click the Mark Lesson as Complete button. If you are talking about the actual publish button, just the repl name in the top left, then click Publish and fill out everything. Do you have any specific questions about publishing repls? I have the image tutorials below:

Mark Lesson as Complete



If you want to publish a Repl, you can click the Repl dropdown and click on the blue Publish button at the top right.


For that

  1. Go to repl info
  2. Click on Publish Button
  3. Fill the Basic info
  4. Click on Next
  5. On tag option write 100daysofcode and click on that tag
  6. Click on Publishing
  7. Click on blue Publish button
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