Confuse about banned words

I recently wrote a Replit project and tried publishing it just now. Unfortunately for me, the censorbot/whatever you want to call it found words that “we do not use in the Replit community.” I have absolutely 0 issue with this decision, I just need to know what words are the problem so I can replace them. The title and description are included so you can see my issue.

# What Ferring or Misting Would You Be?
# Based on your personality, as determined by a short battery of questions aimed to gather information, this program will attempt to determine what form of the Metallic Arts, from star author Brandon Sanderson's hit series Mistborn, you would manifest.

I also included the custom tag #Cosmere if that’s for some reason the issue word.

I had a similar issue here. Sometimes the bot makes a small mistake.
@RayhanADev Any ideas?


Quite curious, I’ll check on this and keep you updated.


Pulled a Yomen (atium misting) and predicted you were gonna put something inappropriate XD

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