Confirmation for paid features

Many of Replit’s features cost cycles. However, curiosity or an accidental misclick can result in hundreds of cycles gone down the drain. It doesn’t make sense that people aren’t required to confirm that they want to use their cycles. This is real money being wasted because of a lack of a feature that isn’t that hard to implement. I’ve already seen countless cases where frustrated users did not mean to do something but were unable to reverse it, thus costing them money for something that they did not even want in the first place. Replit should implement a system that makes sure users actually want to use their cycles.


I mean, there is a confirmation screen with the exception of tipping. Toggling the always on toggle inside a repl opens a modal with a switch to confirm you’re turning it on. For tipping, you can undo your tip within 5 seconds.


Well I don’t think 5 seconds is enough.


We can also have a pop up with a confirmation so its almost impossible to accidentally spend cycles instead of a small cool down


Gmail lets you adjust the amount of time you have to “unsend” an email. Perhaps a similar feature could be incorporated here.


One that doesn’t even start the countdown, it just says “Stop, do you want to proceed” or something instead of a cooldown.

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