`~/.config/nixpkgs` seems to be a file, not a directory

Problem description:
The Replit Docs seems to show nixpkgs as a directory in the ~/.config/ directory, but Repls consistently seem to have it as a file, not a directory. It prevents a user from creating the necessary ~/.config/nixpkgs/configuration.nix file for allowing unfree packages in Nix, as discussed in the Docs.

Expected behavior:
nixpkgs/ should be a directory in the ~/.config/ directory.

Actual behavior:
nixpkgs seems to be a file symbolic link in the ~/.config/ directory. cd ~/.config/nixpkgs returns a bash error that there is no file or directory. mkdir ~/.config/nixpkgs returns a bash error that the file already exits. Using ls -la seems to show it is a symlink of nixpkgs -> /home/runner/Git-and-GitHub-Training/.config/nixpkgs.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open new Repl (I’m currently using a Blank Repl template)
  2. Open the Shell
  3. Run the command cd ~/.config/nixpkgs (gives error)
  4. Run the command mkdir ~/.config/nixpkgs (gives error)
  5. Run the command cd ~/.config/ (succeeds)
  6. Run the command ls -la (shows apparent symlink)
  7. Run the command cd /home/runner/Git-and-GitHub-Training/
  8. Run the command ls -la (shows the .config is not here. I think it is in runner/)

Bug appears at this link:
Repl: https://replit.com/@MatthewChisolm/Git-and-GitHub-Training?v=1
Relevant Docs: https://docs.replit.com/programming-ide/nix-on-replit#configuring-nix

Safari/MacOS 13.1/MacBook Pro M1