Concerns about Storage Limitations in the Replit Hacker Plan

Same. Even though I have Explorer enabled, I still can only see Outbound Data Transfer.


Assuming your storage amounts are correct (because I cannot confirm), I think this is ridiculously low. The free tier should have at least 1GB, if not more (perhaps 5?). Hacker is losing its appeal as it is stripped of its features, but still should have more than a meager 5GB. It seems to me that hacker was meant to give you nicer features without breaking your wallet, but this storage limit would necessitate pro for people actually power using the hacker plan as intended. As for pro, it should be incredible (remember that pro gets 100GB egress PER MONTH), and I do not think 10GB is incredible (unless you mean incredibly small but that’s not the intent). It is so small that I don’t even buy flash drives unless they are far bigger than that.

Now, Replit listened about egress and gave what I believe to be generous limits. The request to undo the new UI however, was not undone and I am not satisfied with the results of that. That is one positive and one negative result from community feedback. How will it go this time?


I have 10 GiB with a free account



That’s better. Also I forgot to mention but the topic about the new UI had 114 votes, which is at least 5 times the number of people active on Ask at the time, yet had little results. But, as I mentioned, Replit did listen to us about egress… so I’m curious to see how this will play out and whether or not it causes a community crisis and/or uprising.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that an uprising take place and I have no intentions of leading one at this time, but I do believe it is a possibility if this does not go favorably.


Ah I see where EnZon3 got those numbers:


I dont think those are correct. Just escalated this topic to staff


i am on free tier and got 10gb overall storage, the 0.5gb above probably refer to per repl storage limit.

just the 100 days of python repls take up more than 7gb storage. no big deal deleting those, but this will certainly make me think twice before creating a new repl, which is probably the point of the limit. before this change i never thought once whether i should create/fork a new repl, i just did whenever it felt necessary.


I don’t think so, it says “Account Storage,” not “Repl Storage”


Btw –

Hacker customers will get 20 GiBs of account storage.
Pro customers will get 50 GiBs.

We’re working on these changes now.


What about free users?


I think 10 gigs because it is already kinda low, I don’t thing replit will make it lower for now.


I am not happy about these changes. If I remember correctly, we were originally told that storage limits would only account for usage after the the limits were introduced (so e.g. a user on the free plan who has used 20GiB of storage would have a 30GiB storage limit). Additionally, considering that the egress limit for free users is 10 GiB per month, it’s completely reasonable to expect that the storage limit would be greater than that, as users will almost always store more data than they transfer (for example, someone might only pay for 1 GiB of mobile data for their phone, but they’ll probably buy a phone with more than 1 GiB of storage for saving photos and videos). I know that Replit is not a mobile phone carrier, but the same applies in both cases.
As we all know, node_modules can easily grow to be over 1 GiB. If I understand correctly, the official reason for this change was to allow users to develop projects that need more than 1 GiB of storage on Replit. I’m not going to speculate regarding internal Replit decisions, but if that was the goal, Replit has failed miserably. Not only are most existing users still unable to use large programs on Replit, but Replit has managed to break everything on their most dedicated users’ accounts (anything that requires writing to files will fail if a user’s account uses more storage then Replit has decided to restrict them to).

Personally, I believe that this change should be reverted (at least for now), and existing users should not be penalized for simply using Replit.

My ideas regarding if, how, and whether Replit should implement a grace period for users

I believe that users should be given a grace period before their accounts stop working. Giving users a grace period before punishment is not exactly unheard-of, even outside of development contexts. For example, when a stop light enforcement camera is installed in the U.S., offenders are not punished during the first 6 months to a year after it is installed. Instead, law enforcement agencies give offenders warnings (rather than fines) for violations during that initial period, as someone cannot reasonably be expected to know that the camera was there if it was only recently installed. I believe that Replit should do something similar.

Soft limits

Software can be unpredictable. A dependency update on an experiment that adds a large dependency could easily cause a user to accidentally exceed their storage limit, even temporarily. If Replit did something similar to egress limits for storage limits (e.g. letting users continue to use storage beyond the limit, but with reduced write speeds), Replit could easily avoid needlessly breaking user sites.

I hope this gives everyone at Replit some potential alternatives to consider.

Yeah I am already dying over here


Same here,

AnirudhGPT is also working barely because of this crashed because of this, I can’t edit or run most of the repls at all! It’s like I’m sitebanned, but I can access the community


Oh god, that is insane, even hacker plan can’t even save it.
even if I buy pro and hacker plan combined, still will be a combined 25GB ( with the base 10 Gib ), so won’t make a difference on my side to fix it either.


I’ve also tweeted about this:


That is really sad. Hope your problem gets fixed soon
more like Our problems.


Perfect description! I guess we are effectively sitebanned… And all we did was use Replit.


In this case, you can create new accounts and move some of the replays to them.


@soren Is it possible to provide an option in the account UI to disable / enable this feature temporarily until a pricing plan is developed for purchasing additional storage?

Your consideration in this matter is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to enhance the Replit platform and cater to the needs of the community.