CONCERN RE: Authorize & Request Replit


I work at a Seed stage-startup and am the first developer that uses Replit as IDE (!)

When wanting to import the codebase over to Replit, the “Authorize & Request Replit” modal pops-up.



How can I convince my team to trust the “read and write access to administration and code” bullet point?

If I put myself on the founders shoes, wouldn’t this be a deal-breaker to the point where they’d tell me to go use VS Code instead?

I really want to use Replit for this new gig but am looking for good arguments from the community or Replit team - mostly regarding security and controls - such that they view it as fine to grant these permissions over the codebase to Replit.

Anything is appreciated.

Thanks! :pray:t3:

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Replit is a massive company worth hundreds of millions of dollars[1]. It has been around for several years and has been trusted by many developers. Replit would not abuse these permissions as it has never done that before and it would make the company look bad. Replit tries to help its users and not hack them.

  1. according to a quick Google search, that is ↩︎