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Hello, I created a game with pygame and want to know if there is a way to put the game on the website I made so people can play it.

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It should be available on the replit cover page. (Add ?v=1 to your url) If you want to put it on a website I am afraid that is extremely complicated as python, let alone py game does not run on the web.

Is it possible to have it as an extension

Have what as an extension, and what kind of extension, could you clarify?

Like, have a link on the website, that they could click on then would bring them to a separate page where they could access the game.

Like this: You could also just link your repl cover page, as I said above.


Yeah, like that. Thank you for the help.

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You can try doing this https://@USERNAME/REPLNAME/?embed=true and put that into an iframe. I think that should work.

This has been solved lol.

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