Comments Not Working? + No notifs

Problem description:
The comments on repls don’t work right now and I don’t get notifs.

Expected behavior:
I should be able to comment and get notifs.

Actual behavior:
It doesn’t seem to be working and whenever I comment it just stays in the typing box and I don’t have any notifs.

Steps to reproduce:
Just go to any repl and comment there.

Bug appears at this link:
replit-bot - Replit

Edge/Windows/ACER desktop

Yeah it’s like delayed. It seems that replit may be doing more cheeky m o n e y saving maneuvers and not auto refreshing the site when you comment


but can you still see my comments? also I think this messes up the bots


It’s kinda strange. It doesnt show you sent it, but if you reload, then everything you said is sent.


yeah I’m pretty sure replit is being… sussy

Oh good! So it’s not just me! (Also, once repl chat threw a validation error, prior to that it showed a much longer error that I couldn’t read before it vanished.)

also firepup pls refresh ur replit bot repl page bc i sent u a comment

Yeah pressing the comment button does nothing for me.

It does, it just doesn’t show you. (Which shouldn’t be the new normal)

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@PikachuB2005 can u send the link to the replit notifs gmail thing u made pls. I think we need it now lmao

It ain’t helping atm, lol, it replies on notifs that aren’t coming through



mostly, still seeing some issues with notifications on my end.

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