Commenting functionality for JSON files

Problem description:
I would like to suggest adding a feature similar to VSCode’s commenting functionality for JSON files to make it easier to leave comments within the code.

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You can not comment in a JSON file as it is not part of the syntax.

In VsCode there is JSON with comments

That is part of VS code and not JSON.

But still it would be a nice addition…

Maybe submit a feedback request

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Maybe use threads? I think you select code, right-click and start thread

I meant commenting it out

@GoodVessel92551 This is the place for feedback/feature requests…

I agree that this would be good, but also you can’t comment in JSON. As far as I know, you can’t do this in VSC either - I think you have an extension for it.

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@DillonB07 This was a bug report

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VSCode supports it…

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You can just do the following:

  "data": {
    "__comment": "The name of the person",
    "name": "John Doe",

    "__comment": "The person's age",
    "age": 43,

    "__comment": "Their website",
    "website": ""
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How would you comment out on an object???

there are no comments in JSON. But you can make keys comments like people said before. And in JS just use // or a multi line comment /* ... */

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I meant commenting out a key then, to put it back.
Hmm, check VSCode

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There are no commments in JSON so you cant.

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