Command window text invisible on iPhone 8

Problem description:
Can write on the command window but no text is visible, hence it’s unusable as I can’t write any commands or see the program outputs.

Expected behavior:
To be able to run my code on the iOS app; give text input and see the program output on the command window.

Actual behavior:
No text is displayed on the command window, hence can’t run my command line programs on the mobile app. Cursor is visible and moves by each inputted character but no characters are displayed. Problem remains regardless of theme (dark mode & light mode).

Bug appears at this link:
Appears at every project.

iPhone 8, iOS app, iOS 15.1

Hi, @LauriParonen!

Could we have a screenshot and a link to your Repl? It makes it much easier for the community to provide feedback.


Of course. Pardon for not including them in the opening post, first time posting on here.

Link to an example repl that I can compile on my web browser (the particular repl shouldn’t matter though as it persists on all of my repls):

I can apparently only post one image, so here is the console view after typing on there and pressing run. As you can see, nothing is showing.

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Can I confirm that you are on the latest version of the Replit Mobile app?


Can you try and see if this Xterm.js demo works for you? Do you see anything on the terminal on this website?

I assume this dark grayish box is supposed to be the terminal? Seeing nothing there, not after opening the page nor after attempting to input via keyboard.

The underlying issue is related to your device and Xterm, so I’m afraid there’s not much we can do.

Is it possible for you to update the software version of your device?

I see. I haven’t upgraded my OS since I expect it’d make my phone too slow to use and I’m only using this one temporarily until I buy a newer model. Just wanted to see if this was a more general bug on the iOS app. I’ll update here if I choose to upgrade my iOS and if it’ll fix this.

Thanks for the answers! : )