Combine Replit Community and Ask Replit 🥳

Describe your feature request
It’s challenging to understand (as a new user) why there is

  1. Replit Community
  2. Ask Replit
    They seem to serve the same function in my mind. :slight_smile:

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
It would ensure all community things happen in the same place. It would also prevent me from having to create a new profile here after setting up my main Replit profile + tags + Profile picture.
Additionally, it would make search easier. Right now, I am searching this database, along with the main Replit site.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

I was trying to understand why my Profile Picture and tags were not showing up on this site, and came to find it was a disconnected domain/community.


Hey, @Bandos1000 welcome to the forums!

It used to be like this with Replit talk. Why they stopped Replit talk I do not know (cc: @LenaAtReplit). And moving Replit Ask to the main site will be hard. They must have gotten rid of Replit Talk for a reason and they probably don’t want to use that software anymore. Replit Ask uses discourse and even though you can Download all data they (Replit) would probably want some software to use on the main site instead. But it’s probably cheaper to host discourse instead of paying people to build new software.

Thanks Not-Ethan.
Good to know! Maybe I should just create a bounty to recreate Discourse and import everything (jk) :wink:

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Discourse is 100% open-source. And the exports are only available to admins

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Thanks for taking this q, Ethan! And @Bandos1000, I appreciate the feedback. I know it’s a little confusing right now.
Two things:

  1. When we rebuilt the Community page ( on Replit, we wanted it to be focused on creation, so we built a space where ppl can share what they’ve built and discover others’ creations rather than a more text-based forum (tho the comments section are still v lively and can be super helpful!).
  2. The Community page and Ask forums are big parts of a wider net of Replit’s community of people. Our people-community exists in a lot of places because our users are in a lot of places and use Replit for all kinds of things! You can discover more of our community surfaces and programs - both official and community-led - at If something is missing, please let us know or you can even start your own community!

Would being able to search Ask within the main site be added? You can use this API endpoint to search using the API.

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I think the main reason replit talk was taken down was because people started treating it like reddit, opposed to sharing code ideas. I could be wrong though.

I see. I was wondering about this because I came on replit in May 2021 and replit talk was recently removed.

Interesting idea. I’ll try with node.js

Looks like you should be able to since I don’t think it requires an API key

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are u talking to me?

Yes. Many endpoints require an API key granted by an admin but it looks like that one does not

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okay. so basically ?

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also can we move this to a personal message? don’t move this posts but just message me.

I’m gonna try this myself and see if I can implement something (it will be a PoC and won’t be live, but I want to see what it would look like)!


Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you make.