Colors - The new best website on the internet for finding colors

Colors - The new best website on the internet for finding colors :rainbow:

Colors is a website where you can seamlessly flow through colors with ease, helping you find the right one to pick no matter what you need it for. Check it out here: (I will get a domain soon)


  • :sparkles: Liking feature

  • :outbox_tray: Sharing feature

  • :fire: Trending Page

  • :framed_picture: Image to color

  • :rainbow: Hex data

  • :art: HSL data

  • :star2: HSV data

  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: RGB data

  • :desktop_computer: Simple and user-friendly UI

  • :books: Color pages for everything

  • :art: Color Picker

  • :star2: Complementary color

  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Triadic colors

  • :new_moon: Shades of colors

  • :white_circle: Granite versions of colors

  • :sweat_drops: Saturations of colors

  • :performing_arts: Hues of colors

  • :smile: Color moods

  • :computer: HTML, CSS, and JS buttons for code

More already live and much more yet to come


Colorhub is an amazing tool for finding and testing colors. You can flow through colors you like, test / share them with the click of a button, create a palette, or try tons of the other amazing features.

Check it out yourself:
More info: Go to producthunt and check /posts/colorhub-2

I would love some feedback - either leave it down in the comments, or msg me at i_am_a_leg (discord) or email me vvcmail1 at

Hey @vvcmail , welcome to the forums!
Did you create this with Replit?


Hello there, I believe we have met.

In this review, I will cover all areas of and examine the UI and functionality of your website.

Homepage /

The overall UI is quite simplistic, which I like. However I would recommend that you stay away from default HTML styles such as radio buttons and etc.

Call-to-action encourages the user to search for a color, with many formats accepted. However, it would be nice to merge “Search Color” and “Search Palette” into one search feature, as color and palette are closely related.


Color viewer /color

I think I’ve provided enough advice in my earlier post so I’ll make it short:

Make it obvious how to like, and turn the emojis into buttons.

Playground /playground

What’s with the blue text, I’d recommend having a better font and styling
Also, please refrain from using emojis for things like arrows, they have different appearances across devices, so just get an image or use font-awesome.

also, I have found your other posts:

Original post contains some nice feedback:

for advertising, you could consider publishing it or showcasing it on Replit Ask under the Showcase category, or even sending the link to your friends.
as for the feedback, I would recommend the following:

Main page

Good stuff:

  • I really liked your simplified and aligned UI and your consistent site-wide theme.
  • The little color indicator next to the bottom textbox is a very nice touch that you added there, which adds more focus to the color while not being too big or blatantly obvious.
  • The base colors weren’t just primary colors and colors that you see everywhere, which gives the user a more organic perspective of the concept of color.

Possible improvements

  • Consider styling the buttons, because the default HTML styling for the button element is literally trash.
  • Add CSS animations to clickable items
  • Put a border around the color swatches on the homepage, it adds more contrast and defines what is foreground and what is background, while making hard-to-see colors more visible and apparent that they exist.
  • Make the buttons in the corner bigger and have a “visual hitbox” (a larger area, for example a grey rectangle, to click on rather than just the text). After all, you do want the user to click them, don’t you?

Post-submission color viewing page

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 9.40.41 AM
Good stuff

  • The variations of in color suggested to the user really urges him/her to go past the basic colors and look into some more advanced options, like that one shade of green you were looking for your entire childhood.
  • The button styling is nice, and the like display stands out a lot, which would add another new element to consider when choosing your favorite color, possibly sparking discussion and potentially a debate.
  • Adding more options to implement the selected color in the user’s website allows for a “one-click” connection from your site to their whatever-they-are-using.

Possible improvements

  • Align the buttons and make the clickable items bigger. Remove the | character, as the separation is already defined by the distinction between the text-area and the button-area.
  • bring the HTML/CSS/JavaScript buttons to the top part, where your users are most likely going to be looking for references to that color.
  • Instead of using text like hsv(240,100,100), Give your color its own space and apply a label on the side, like a grid of key-value pairs in rows.
  • Make the Share button more intuitive, and ensure that you make a clear connection between the Share button and the like count.

Avoid javascript alerts; my friend got “PTSD” for those a while ago.

Trending colors page

Good stuff

  • The trending colors page allows your user to get a new perspective of what other people think, which fits with your site theme of being able to vote for colors that you like.
  • Your website is simple and not cluttered with stuff. That makes for a more pleasing user experience.

Possible improvements

  • Explain what the numbers on the colors mean. Likes, bananas, page visits, ad revenue?
  • Find a way to group similar colors together, otherwise you will get a page full of 1-voted and 2-voted colors with no generalization. A possible solution would be to put the trending colors on the main page, suggesting the user to vote on an existing color instead of filling up the trending colors page.
  • Make the arrow match the direction of “page movement” as you have defined on the main page, where the trending colors page is to the left of the main page which is to the left of the color from image page.

Color from image page

Good stuff

  • Good button size and alignment
  • A big square representing the color draws attention to itself, hinting to the user that the square is supposed to be the focus point.
  • The image is goofy
  • Having a big button that stands out would invite the user to upload their own image and interact with your website more.
    Possible improvements
  • Style the text view to be more fitting to your theme.
  • Don’t use the placeholder image as the loaded image by default, instead present an “empty space” which calls action to the user that they have to click on a button (most likely to be “Upload”) to use the service. You could use the scary image as a optional placeholder image that could be used on request, but I would recommend using a more non-PG13 image.

Yes I did (I own the accounts I made the vvc account for and the Colorhub one for hosting projects while I use this one for testing)

Thanks for the feedback, I have gotten a lot of feedback about the icons so I’ll definitely change that. Btw when you click the playground button it uses the complementary color as the font color. Also just wanted to ask you something how do you think the boxes looks now (too close together, too far)

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Also I separated palette search and color search as color search takes you straight to a color where palette search gives u a list of all the palettes that match the searched name. How do you think I should go about it?

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