Collapse previous runs in the new console user interface

I love the new look of the console UI.


One thing that is annoying, however, is having to manually collapse previous runs. It would be nice if all previous runs were automatically collapsed when you click run, and only the current output is not collapsed.

Also, maybe I just haven’t spotted it yet in the new UI, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to clear the console which would also be nice.

Edit: I’ve just figured out that the clear button is the trash can icon in the tab heading, I think it might be a bit confusing to have it there; at a glance I mistook that for a button to close the tab, although I will probably just get used to it :man_shrugging:


When I first played around with the new UI it was the same for me. I do agree that it should be more clear. I would say where the trash icon was on the old console


The problem with that is that it would block the output. I know you can just de-focus the console but it saves a quick trip to Ask


i dont even have this feature prob cuz i dont have explorer mode on but i’ll vote anyways.

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I dislike the new Console, it’s too messy, and has unnecessary stuff for me like runtime etc.


I came here to say this. I also find the runtime slower than the old one. The console has become something different than the true console when coding in JS or similar. It’s almost becoming easier / faster / more interactive to code in the browser dev tools.