Collapse button for sections in Teams for Education

Describe your feature request
Add a collapse button for each section in Replit Teams, allowing users to “collapse” the contents of a category to make it easier to scroll and navigate around the Teams interface. The feature would mean that the contents of a category would be hidden and only the name displayed, and category can be opened/closed by the user.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
As a student, navigation in teams with many categories is difficult, as the time spent scrolling looking for assignments only increases as more are added. It would be helpful to be able to hide assignments that are completed/not needed at the moment, to avoid having to scroll for ages and make it easier to find the relevant content.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
Today I was trying to find an assignment in one of my teams but had to scroll very far down past all my older, completed assignments in order to access it. These assignments were completed and I no longer need to see them on my team right now, but I had no way of collapsing these categories so had to scroll very far down the page to actually find what I was looking for.

An example of how this feature may look/work would be a dropdown button by each of the category names that when pressed, would collapse the contents of the category into just the name (see below). A good example of a feature like this would be the likes of Discord (see below).

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Hey @Owen,

this is a great idea and helps teachers a lot, I hope it gets added!

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This would be very useful!

I currently put the most recent unit at the top of my replit, but when switching from one unit to the next, and students still making up work on the last one, it can get troublesome scrolling up and down.

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Feature Request
Have the ability to DRAG-and-DROP the order of units within teams. Currently it is an up-arrow/down-arrow option one at a time.

Have some view options for the Teams page that lets each unit collapse/minimize.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Unit drag-and-drop: When I had a 10th unit, it starts at the bottom of the page and I have to click the up-arrow 10 times to bring it to the top if that is where I want it located.

Unit collapse view: When there are 10 units with 5 items in each, that is a lot to scroll/look through. Having a collapsed view of the units or a way to minimize so only one unit was showing all of its items.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
I teach high school computer science and this last month I have jumped onto Teams as a great tool to deliver some of the content and practice for students. As I have been developing materials to put on the Team, it has become very clunky to look at all the material when I want to just focus on one unit.