Collab with me on Uranus!

Staff, I don’t know where to put collaboration requests, so I’m putting it here, and if you make a collaboration category on Replit Ask, move this topic there

Anyways, hello guys! Do y’all know Windows 93? The meme web operating system? And yes, Uranus is an another web operating system! I have seen lots of other people do it, and I have tried tons of times to make actual operating systems which need logging-in, but that was clearly not my skill, so, I went easy, like Windows 93! And the only thing left is: Accepting to collab with me!

WhErE’s ThE InViTaTiOn LiNk???

The link is right here!


Thanks @RixTheTyrunt - that’s a good idea re collaboration requests. I’ll discuss with the admins and moderators and if we agree I’ll move your post there!

You might also want to post this on Discord if you haven’t already.

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Thank you for the move! :sunglasses:

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