Coding streak in 100 days of code

In the 100 days of code, I would exchange the “you are on a X day coding streak” with a slightly different metric. If you miss one day, you are back to zero. That can be demotivating, or irrelevant and will be ignored.

Instead, I would use a similarly simple metric like:

  • “You have coded x times in the last week.”
  • “On average, you have been coding every x.x days.” (e.g. over a week, or over the last 30 days)

Maybe followed by some conditional encouragement like

  • “Keep it up!”
  • “Can you add one more day per week?”

Interesting idea, I like it!

@DavidAtReplit Paging Mr. Morgan

Oooh this is a REALLY nice idea!

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I’ve even had this reset on me when I’ve been coding on days back to back.