Coding Solutions Creation

Hello everyone, I ned your help please, I have been tasked to create two coding solutions, C# and .exe for the compiled solutions and .py file for the interpreted solution? I need help uploading the files somewhere, trouble is I am not sure how to save them in the first place. Thanks for your help. Hope the question is clear. I have also added the snippets if that helps. Not sure I got the Repl link?

Repl link:

Interpreted code example in Python

print("Hello, World!")


Compiled code example in C#

  Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");
  string x = Console.ReadLine();

Hey @EddingtonPindur, welcome to the community!

Where? Do you want to upload them to Replit? Or are they already on Replit?

Replit auto saves.


Thank you, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

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