Coding days streak resets despite coding that day

The coding streak resets to 1 even though I have been programing that day (albeit a personal project, not the 100 days of code). It sucks because I was really trying to be consistent and do something every day and on Thursday I did my programing course homework and counted it as “programing” but unfortunately replit doesn’t see it that way.

It would be great to if it could count every programing as “programing”


Well, the counter was to track the 100DoC course, so you should try to do that everyday.
If this was implemented, it wouldn’t match with the number of days completed.
E.g. It shows you were there 50 times in a row, but you are only on Day 34. Won’t that be confusing for some?

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The suggestion stems from my assumption that the streak works the same way as the Duolingo streak. You don’t have to do a lesson in Spanish every day, but you do need to complete one lesson every day, in order to keep the streak going, - so if you do German, that’s fine. Here, it’s the same language (Python) just a different project.
I guess it would be confusing for some, but this way it is demotivating for others… People will never be satisfied haha

if you need cool insights on your general programming, use wakatime. A request was made to add it as an Extension to replit but for now you can use the browser extension or maybe get it to work with the terminal plugin


I appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I already use SkillApp and Timelog for tracking things (would highly recommend them for any activity you want to track: duration, repetitions, distance, pages).