Coding Cactus' Typing Test

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A while ago I made this post on Repl Talk: It did pretty well, however there are quite a few things wrong with it. Firstly, its written in Python (:face_vomiting:) Mainly, the fact that it has a terrible leaderboard.

The leaderboard was entirely manual and relied on people commenting their scores for me to add to an array (too much effort for me these days). So, with the fairly recent (not really) release of Repl Identity, I decided to do a complete overhaul of this project.

You may (unlikely) have seen me recently publish my Ruby implementation of Repl Identity (which uses the replit CLI tool), and that is what I use in this project on both this repl and the server repl to make sure that the only data being added to the leaderboard is from people using the repl on the spotlight page (no forking, etc.).

As well as the global leaderboard, I’ve also added a stats page where you can browse your own data, usefully broken down into relevant sections.

The server uses MongoDB Atlas for a database. Replit is having issues with Atlas at the moment, so if you see an error when trying to save/access data, that will be ths issue and unfortunately, I cannot do anything to prevent it. Feel free to try to contact me when you see this error and I will sort it out for you.

Finally, getting onto actually using the repl, you navigate through a series of well labelled menus to reach your desired location. When running a speed test, if you type a character incorrectly, you will be stuck on that character until you type it correctly, so be accurate! There’s also a slight bug if you press two keys at exactly the same time, so try not to do that.