Code with Harry day 25 doesn't work

Hi I am Kalash. I am learning code from code with harry in replit,but today when I open day 25 repl of code with harry.It’s not working, please fix this problem replit.

Hi there @KalashSingh2 , welcome to the forum!
For your problem, could you give more details like the link to the project.
Could you also tell me what do you mean by ‘not working’?

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Here’s the link:
When I open it shows this

Hi there @KalashSingh2 try reloading the page. There is a bug recently on Replit where this happens, Replit is working on it.

Ok Thank you for the help Replit.

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I don’t get it? Can you explain.

They never said it was fixed, they just said thanks for the advice afaik.

Are you still having this issue?

Also, just to clarify most people here are not replit staff, and those who are will have badges to show that.



They’ve fixed the bug.

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If you looked at the screenshot, this is a completely different issue. Their issue is that no files appear.

Then… he’ll have to try to fork it?

I suspect it’s the same issue, or it could just be there’s an invalid or missing entrypoint in .replit (That prevented a file being opened by default in the mobile app/web version for me).

I looked at the repl, afaik there were no .replit, replit.nix or any other files.

Huh. That’s possible I suppose. Most repls have been nixed, but it’s still “transitioning” I suppose. In that case, I suspect the project is looking for a main file, and perhaps they renamed it. Beyond that, I’m not sure.

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Fork this
and watch this
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