Code searching and restoration

Hello replit, do you know the feature of searching the code or restoring it? I forgot it. When I modified my code, I did not like the modification and I want to return my first code by searching or restoring. Why did it disappear?

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When you go into the file, in the bottom-right corner of the screen there is a small button that says File History. This allows you to undo your file.

(This should go in Replit Help, not Feature Requests)


There is also a code search, but has sadly been disabled for security, although they remove the ability to search your own code.

You can still do this, by single file, whole Repl, and whole account.

I can’t find a place for Account Code Search anywhere,
unless it’s with the repl code search.

Weird, I don’t see it anymore, sorry. It was definitely still there after the Replit-wide one was removed though.

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