Code search tool doesn't update after file edits

the tool:
The code search tool searches for text in the entire repl. It can be opened with Ctrl+Shift+F in the repl editor.

The code search tool does not update when you make edits, unlike the single file code search.

expected behavior:
When I make an edit to a file, the code search should automatically reflect that change.

actual behavior:
The code search will not update or change no matter what edits you make.
Since I usually use the tool to find files that I need to individually edit, this is annoying.

steps to reproduce:
Create a repl, put some text in it. Highlight a word and open code search with ctrl+shift+f. In the file, delete the word. Code search doesn’t update, unlike single file search.

Doing a new search of the same word (such as by manually updating a search) may change the order that the files are shown, it’s random. The files should instead be shown alphabetically so that the order is deterministic.