Code runs perfectly in pycharm but gets errors here

I have created a telegram to discord bot that runs without errors on PyCharm, but when I put the files into replit, I get errors which makes no sense.

However, on PyCharm I get the correct terminal output.

Then use PyCharm, not Replit.
P.s. welcome to the forums!

I want to use replit in order to run the code 24/7, which I am not able to do on PyCharm. Do you have any other suggestions?

I also end up with the below error when I run. It’s half and half, sometimes I get the huge connection issue error, and then the next I get this, which kinda sucks.


Below is the code snip where the error occurs.

Currently, telegram bots do not work on Replit due to Replit’s DoS protection. I’d recommend using another platform to host for now.


any recommendations?

try, linode, or glitch… although I think glitch blocks stuff the same as Replit


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