Code Opening in Right-Side Panel

Problem description:
Replit has always had code open in the middle panel by default. The right panel has typically being the console / shell, and possibly other items opening. but now, sometimes when we open a file, it opens in the right panel instead!

Expected behavior:
Code files should always open in middle panel.

Actual behavior:
Code now opens in the right panel sometimes.

Steps to reproduce:
Click in right panel.
Click file listing to open a new file.


Open a threads tab.
Find a thread, either active or resolved.
Ensure the file is not open in any panels.
Click “Jump to code” for the thread or click “Re-Open”
The code will now open in the same panel, hiding the Threads tab, making it hard to reopen many threads at once.

Bug appears at this link:

Firefox + Chrome for PC.

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Yeah, it’s pretty annoying when this happens. I was shocked that the code displayed didn’t change when I clicked a different file.

To me it open in the panel where i last clicked …


I am pretty sure this is related to this:

Hey @blaw, please do not post duplicate topics, next time search before creating a new topic, as it is more work for our single moderator and clutters the feed if there are too many of the same topic.

Original topic:

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I’m really not going to do that. I’m a Replit Education user. This is work for me. I’m taking paid time out of my working day to file this bug report. Bug reports are free labor provided to software companies by their users. If you make it harder or more onerous to file these bug reports, they’ll simply stop. There are already other bugs that I can’t be bothered to file reports for, like the thread “go to location” button sometimes not working or the Java Repl highlighting giving “References to interface static methods are allowed only at source level 1.8 or above” and “Resource specification not allowed here for source level below 1.7” error messages when the OpenJDK is v17.

I’m sorry that Replit moved bug reports into a forum format instead of the ticket system and that you only have 1 moderator, but these are problems caused by the Replit company, not by my employer. If the system isn’t working because there’s too much user feedback and user activity, that’s a problem for Replit to fix. You can look around all the forums on the Internet and the solution to too much unmoderated user activity is not to ask users to stop being active or insist they be active only a particular way, but to hire more moderators. We weren’t the ones who plugged all the bug reports into a single Community forum nor were we the ones who budgeted for just 1 moderator nor have we been the ones who decided to continually and repeatedly migrated Replit’s community back and forth between different platforms, breaking links and losing institutional knowledge each time.

Anyways, I’ve filed multiple bug reports over years of using Replit and I’ve worked directly with developers to fix some of them, recording videos showing them how to repro and beta-testing fixes. But if this is unwanted behaviour by Replit, that’s fine, I won’t do it any any more, and if the bugs keep accumulating, I’ll just get increasingly annoyed with Replit until one day we just break and migrate our classes and our students to some other product instead.

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