Code not running, says "working" without stopping Ver.2

Problem description

I am having the same problem as in the post Code not running, says "working" without stopping.
However, my problem could be reproduced 100%.
When I stop the process by typing exit() or holding down Ctrl+D from the console, and running the “run” command, I get stuck on “working”.
It is possible to stop the infinite “working” by running “kill 1” from the shell as mentioned in the link.
However, typing “kill 1” to run the code on each stop is such a hassle.
I need help to resolve this issue.

Expected behavior

The run command should work on each attempt after the first run.

Actual behavior

Once you stop the “run” and try to run the code again, you’ll get stuck in infinite “working”.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run a code. → On the first attempt, the code runs fine.
  2. On the console, hold down Ctrl + D or type exit() to stop the run. ← This step is very important to reproduce the issue.
  3. Add new code or just re-run the code.
  4. Run gets stuck and shows “working”


Chrome (Version 121.0.6167.140 (Official Build) (64-bit))


Windows 10 Version 22H2(OS Build: 19045.3930)

Device if mobile




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exit() is known to cause problems like this.

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Just a note, if you use the newer python template instead of the old one, this shouldn’t occur. (AFAIK)