Code not loading on scroll in mobile app

I’ve discovered that in the mobile app, only code near the cursor is loaded. This is annoying since I often scroll down in order to move my cursor. I don’t experience this issue when running Replit through my browser, only through the app.

I’m running the app on a Google Pixel 3 (Android).

You have a google pixel 3? not trying to be offensive but isn’t that kinda out dated EDIT: google ships fast lol

Yeah, the reason is I’m not allowed to get my own phone. My parents intentionally got me an out-of-date phone, specifically a pixel 3, because they heard it was good for parental controls (which they mainly wanted for my brother who’s addicted to social media/his phone).

I see. Have you introduced ur bro to coding? I’d like to see him create the social media :slight_smile:

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None of my siblings (I have 3) share my interest in programming :frowning:

oof. sad. anyway, replit team went to orlando. They’ll be back.

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Yep, I’m aware, but better to make the report now while I remember rather than forget (I’m very forgetful lol).