Code Intelligence Not Working and Long Load Times

I and my 60+ students have been experiencing longer load times again this week. Repls can take a long time to load, similar to the issues experienced by Teams for Edu users a few weeks ago. Auto-formatting when hitting “ctrl/cmd s” has not been working for over a month. Autocomplete, hints, generate getters/setters, and other code intelligence functionality have stopped working in the last couple weeks.

We try refreshing the pages, loading in different browsers, giving it some time to stabilize, but nothing seems to help. provides a lot of great functionality, but the long load times and the fact that the features don’t work most of the time, is making the platform a nightmare to rely on for my classes.

All these issues seem to be happening during peak times from 8am-6pm EST. If I am ever doing work on assignments early in the morning around 6am or late at night around 10pm, everything seems to work as expected. just does not seem to have the bandwidth for Edu Teams during the school day which is when I really need it to function for my students.

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A few questions, because my classes have not been having massive slow downs - only some minor hiccups.

What template are they working in? I just created a JavaFX project because they tend to be heavy, in my experience, and I had no difficulty. I then forked it as a fake student and also had good speed.

What devices are they using?
What browser(s) are they using and do they have several extensions installed?

I can confirm that code intelligence and formatting seem to be disabled in that template (JavaFX).
I then confirmed that both code intelligence and formatting work great in a NodeJS template (the old prybar one).

One way that my students and I have increased efficiency is by using instead of the normal URL.

Is it possible that your slow-downs are actually due to congestion on the school or school board’s network and not Replit? I just hot-spotted my phone in order to circumvent the school’s network and the load times seemed the same.

I am only hitting you with many questions to help with troubleshooting…

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Yeah, I appreciate you chiming in! In my classes, we are using the very basic Java and Python templates. Nothing fancy and nothing too computationally intensive going on. While it has been slower than previous, we are not experiencing the showstopping slowness of a few weeks back.

My main issue now is with none of the code intelligence, formatting, or hinting are working. It seems to happen on any network; I also tried my phone’s hot spot and some other options. The issue to me seems to rely on the replit server end as opposed to on our end.

I had not heard of or tried firewalledrepit. I will take that for a spin and see how it does. Thanks for chiming in with your questions and recommendations. These features are awesome and essential for the classes. It is validating to hear that we are not the only ones experiencing it.

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Looks like the Java template linting and code intelligence are broken. Python seems fine (on my end). Hopefully someone from Replit is watching this and able to send to the correct team.

For what it’s worth - I just noticed acting quite slow but reacted immediately. Coincidence? Probably. But I found it interesting.

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