Code Intelligence Gone?

First of all, is this the correct place for something like this anymore? With Talk gone and Discord blocked at my school (work), I’ve lost track of where to post questions about bugs or potential bugs before I fill out that new bug form…

I’ve noticed that the code autocomplete function (code intelligence) would mysteriously stop working. For example, pressing “.” may or may not bring up a list of options. These days, however, it’s not working ever for me or my students.

I’m specifically working in JavaScript/HTML Repls these days… Is this just me? Am I remembering what it used to do incorrectly?


You can direct bug reports directly to Loading... - Form by Asana

I’ve shared this with our team and they’re taking a look now!

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@MrBrash we’re not able to reproduce this from our end. would you be able to share a screenrecording with us so we can see some specific examples you’re experiencing?

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Here’s a quick video but I’m in class so no audio and students were asking questions so the typing is a bit choppy…

Code Intelligence never pops up any help…

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Trying to clarify - I could be remembering the code intelligence incorrectly but I seem to remember it giving the properties and methods for objects, etc… like the document object, as an example. Am I wrong?

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I am also experiencing this bug.

Yes its not working Was fine few days back hope its solve soon

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It’s working this morning (Thursday, April 22). :man_shrugging:

Update: it stopped working after about 3 hours. I had closed all my tabs and a student asked a question so I fired it back up and it wasn’t working. I rebooted just now and it started working again. I have no idea what’s going on.

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I’ve noticed this working intermittently too.

@lena Should I enter a bug report and include this thread?

I’ve already submitted a bug on your behalf, so I can update it with this new information as well! In the future, you can definitely submit the bugs on your own to Loading... - Form by Asana

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