Code Help/Replit Help: Console shuts off immediately

Hello everyone. Not sure if this is the right place, but my friend needed help with his project. If you need more details, I can tell you in the replies section, and I think you can tell based on the code. I don’t think the code has any errors, because the console didn’t say any errors.

PROBLEM: Okay so, the console goes blank, and lasts for 2 seconds (exact time). My friend is not sure what happened because the code was fine. The code is written in python and if anyone has experienced a similar or the same issue please help him.

FAQ: Questions you may ask are: Check your CPU, Run the program again, Use a debugger like pdb. We have tried this so please don’t bother asking (you can ask about the debugging though).

Additional Things: I can send you a video on what is going on in the replies section so you guys can understand clearly. [I will probably respond the next day]

Code is below:

import random
import string
import nltk

class ChatUtil(
    def __init__(self):
        print("Welcome to [TEST] chatbot!")

    def start(self, handle_input):
        while True:
            user_input = input("You: ")

def handle_input(input_text):
    """Respond to the user's input."""
    responses = self.process_input(input_text)
    bot_response = random.choice(responses)
    print(f"Bot: {bot_response}")

def process_input(input_text):
    """Determine the user's intent and respond accordingly."""
    tokens = pos_tag(input_text)
    request_type = None

    for token in tokens:
        if token[1][0].startswith("VB"):
            request_type = "action"
        request_type = "information"
    responses = []
    if request_type == "action":
        responses = [
            'You can say "hello" to me!',
            'I don\'t understand that request. Try saying "hello"?',
    elif request_type == "information":
        responses = ["I am LLaMA, I'm here to help!", "What would you like to know?"]
        responses = ["Sorry, I didn’t understand that. Try again?"]
    return responses

I think I should’ve posted this in Replit Help. I apologize for the inconvenience.

It goes blank before running the repl?

@NateDhaliwal No, when I hit run, the repl only runs for 2 seconds and then stops. The console was just blank when I hit run.

none of the classes or functions are used, so it can’t even get to the undefined variable errors you should get. See if you’ve accidentally deleted a part of the code. Click on “History” in the bottom right of the pane while you view the file.


@UMARismyname yeah it worked now. Thanks

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