Code by Code game

Could I just use whatever data YC’s Spotify API spits out?


It’s very easy to create JSON parser


If you know parsing, yes. But it is something more hard then idk a text adventure game.

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I joined, when is my turn going to be?

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Took me a minute because I kept getting caught up, but here:

Next, @bobbypac make a page that allows you to add to it VIA an input box, a drop down for selecting the type, etc. (Bare HTML/CSS/JS if possible)

I can’t seem to find the parser XD
Can you link a file and line number?

It’s just the main file, all that is just processing the stuff YC’s Spotify API returns to me.

Parsing is different the processing. The parsing in the main file happened on line 34: dzData = dz.json(). (And because that is using a library, I don’t think I can count it as “unique”)
:sweat: Sorry this was a little difficult and apparently not clear. Parsing is turning the raw text (json string) into a usable format (python dict)

I’ll quickly go write up my own function for it then, I don’t think it will be that bad. Stand by.

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@bobbypac said he would be away over the weekend

Next is @element1010 then.


What do you mean by that?


Don’t know, ask @Firepup650

Well without that dropdown, it is complete:

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Lines 4-13 do what you wanted now I think.

Like be able to select wether to add a p, br, a, whatever, instead of just appending text.

Or script :smiley: Wouldn’t that be XSS tho?

Yeah, sorry that might be a little too hard.
You don’t have to fix it, but…
This does not work

    "firepup": {
        "name": "firepup"

Using the AST module is also kind of on the margin

True, but no one said it had to be secure. Which is why I offered a drop-down, so you can choose what we can add.

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Huh. What breaks it there?

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