Code by Code game

A new Replit collaboration(game) named “Code by Code”.


  • The first person choose a task to the next person. The first person can choose any high-level language or C/C++ and tell the next person to complete the task. Then, the next person gets a coin if he/she complete the task. If he/she doesn't complete the task, I take 1 coin from the person. Then, he/she choose a task to the next person, and everything repeats. If anybody get 5 coins, he win.
  • Press "I'm in!" to take part in the game.
Press “I’m in!” to take part in the game.
  • ● I’m in!

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Me: 2 coins
@Idkwhttph: 2 coin
@CadenChau: 1 coin
@Firepup650: 2 coin
@QwertyQwerty88: 1 coin
@ParanormalCoder: 1 coin
@element1010: 2 coin
@dragonhunter1: 1 coin
@bobastley: 1 coin
@BananaPi: 1 coin
@Djrahul22: 1 coin


That won’t work, as forums are designed for long times between responses, and it will be quite rare for someone to respond within 5 minutes



I would suggest making it 5 hours instead of 5 minutes


Ok, without timer

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Yea some people have school and might not be able to get on soon enough.


What about the game?

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well there’s one flaw i see with it, if people don’t choose a certain player and a task, then they will never have the chance to get a coin.

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They MUST choose a person and a task

Yes…but the issue is if some people never get selected, then they never have a chance to win, and then they can’t play since no one ever picked them.

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We can start the game when we’ll get at least 6 people

You’re right.

It should be in order and not selection

Ok, we can start

@ParanormalCoder language: Python, task: create a console form where you write your username and password and then you’ll see a message “success”

@ParanormalCoder Help: use input() to get a password && username

What are you supposed to compare the input to?

I’m guessing one of two things:

  1. Paranormal can choose his own
  2. He doesn’t need to compare to anything (that seems way too easy but ok)

What? so you can just call input() twice and then print ‘success’ ? :skull:

What if the person given the task doesn’t know anything about the language that they are told to use?
Would an alternate language be chosen or would the person given the task have to forfeit?