Clicking "Manage team members" does nothing

I recently created two teams (“classes”) under Teams > New Education Organisation and also submitted for verification.

When in the class I want to add team members i.e. the students, but clicking on “Manage team members” does nothing.

Is this maybe due to verification not completed? Is there a way to check this, or could there be another error?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi @lpiron thanks for your question and welcome the community!

Can you please post a screenshot of what you see in the Teams page?

Also can you please check using a different browser to the one you are currently using, just in case it is the browser causing the issue.

It shouldn’t be due to non-verification because that usually removes the “manage team members” button completely.

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Hey, thanks for reporting. We’ve found the bug – the fix will be live in 10~ minutes.


Great, welcome to the forums @soren!

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Wait… there’s MORE staff members??? Woah. Anyways, welcome to the forums @soren!

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