Clear the console screen

from replit import clear => doen’t work
I see there is no available on the left window under
Is this the cause?
Where can i find it?

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Hey @marcdewaersegge!

Do you get any errors when you run it with clear()?

You cannot find a because it doesn’t exist as a Python file in your Repl, when using the Replit import it is actually a package that is being used. Try typing pip install replit or poetry add replit. I hope this helps!


Well replit-py/ would be in .pythonlibs/lib/python3.10/site-packages, but yeah


Replit was now without my handling installing several updates. Strange.
Now the clear() function is working.

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yep, it gets the packages needed for your imports, but this doesn’t happen until you either run the repl or run in Shell:

upm add `upm guess`

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